Architectural Hill Builds

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for land to build on. But once you’ve found your dream site on the hills in the surrounds of Christchurch, you’re going to need an experienced hill building team that you can trust 100%. Look no further than Fleetwood Construction.

Realising Your Vision

Fleetwood Construction is a specialist Christchurch-based architectural builder. The team is passionate about architectural hill building, and because owners Sam and Charlotte demand excellence, you can be sure to have a fantastic build experience and a beautiful home at the end of the process. We’d be more than happy to have a look at a hill section you’re thinking of purchasing and have a chat with you about your building ideas. It’s all part of getting to know us and learning about how we operate.

Architectural Hill Builders

If there’s just one thing to remember when building a home on the hill, it’s that you need to use an experienced hill builder. Things are far from straightforward on a hill, whether it’s building retaining walls, laying foundations, or working with limited access and tight corners to deliver materials. You need people that know what they are doing, and Fleetwood Construction has extensive experience that can be relied upon. We’ve been building homes across Christchurch since 2003. And with hill builds being our specialty, you’ll soon realise why choosing Fleetwood Construction was the right move.

Accurate Quoting Process

Because of our wealth of experience, we can quote your job accurately. We can predict where problems could arise, and we factor these into our planning from the very start. And because we are highly efficient in how we work, we get the job done on time. So, nothing comes as a surprise to you, and you’ve got peace of mind that costs are on track, on time and on budget. You can carry on enjoying the view and delight in your choice of Fleetwood Construction to build your house on the hill.

Team of Highly Experienced Professionals

We have great connections with highly experienced subcontractors who have years of experience working on complex hill sites. In fact, our team thrive on this type of work. We want nothing more than to deliver a flawless job and excel in demonstrating our techniques for handling complex hill constructions. We work very hard every day to ensure every step of your build process runs smoothly.

Service and Certainty

Our many happy clients will happily share that we are driven by building excellence. This not only means our excellent customer service and quality workmanship, but also our high standards of communication. We know that our clients want certainty around how long their hill build will take, and we can tell them. And we stick to it. It’s not only our clients who love their homes; our projects have been recognised by the Registered Master Builder House of the Year Awards year after year.

Contact Fleetwood Construction

We are living the dream of building beautiful homes. No matter the size and scope of your next home, Fleetwood Construction is here to work with you. To make sure your new architectural hill-built home is beautifully designed and built by local, experienced, award-winning Registered Master Builders, contact Sam and the team at Fleetwood Construction on 0800 381 381.