Architectural Renovations

What do you do when you love your home, love your location and don’t want to leave? Call Fleetwood Construction. We can help your home keep up with your growing family, give it a new lease on life, or change it to suit your lifestyle.

Experienced Renovation Experts

Architectural renovations in Christchurch pose a few building challenges. While we take every precaution in the planning and design stages, you can never truly know what condition a house is in until you remove the plasterboard and take a look. Age, weather, and natural wear and tear can mean that architectural beams, foundations, and houses, in general, aren’t always 100% straight and level. When you add the stresses caused to homes by the Canterbury Earthquakes and the new importance placed on geotechnical assessments, renovating a home in Christchurch is rarely as simple as it sounds. This is where we at Fleetwood Construction really shine. There is so substitute for experience and problem-solving ability. We’ve been building and renovating homes in and around Christchurch since 2003. There’s not a lot we haven’t seen when it comes to construction and very few problems we’re unable to solve.

Christchurch Renovations and Extensions

Why leave the home and area you love when Fleetwood Construction can totally adapt your home to suit your new lifestyle. No project is too technical. From conception to completion, we’ll project manage your whole renovation project and reimagine your home. You can trust us to gain council consents, manage subcontractors and decorators we believe are the best fit for your style and taste, leaving you with a home that blends seamlessly.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations

The Fleetwood Construction team can also help you renovate kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are preparing for your day or unwinding at the end of it, we can spend a lot of time in our kitchens and bathrooms. That means it’s essential to balance design and functionality, while matching your style and taste. Kitchen and bathroom renovations can become complex, involving a variety of decorators, plumbers, tilers, and electricians. Before renovating your kitchen or bathroom, make sure you talk to a builder who will project manage everything, co-ordinating all the different trades to make sure your renovation is completed on time, on budget and with minimal stress. Our team of local builders are experienced working with character villas and weatherboard homes. We understand and can help balance the need for all the modern comforts and essentials for life in the 21st Century, with the distinct personality and heritage of an older home.

Safe and Healthy Worksites

We understand that for some renovation projects, you will be living in your home while we’re working on it. Because we have families too, and we know how we would like to be treated, you can expect the Fleetwood Construction team and any subcontractors we bring on-site to be professional, polite, and to treat your home with dignity and respect at all times. We’ll do our best to keep disruptions to a minimum, and we’ll always keep you up-to-date with what’s happening. Before starting your renovation project, we’ll walk you through what we’re going to do and induct you through our health and safety plan and guidelines. While we are renovating your Christchurch home, it’s an active work site. We’ll do everything we can to keep your family, and our team safe while we’re working around you.

Contact Fleetwood Construction

We are living the dream of building beautiful homes.No matter the size and scope of your next architectural renovation or addition, Fleetwood Construction is here to work with you. To make sure your new architectural home is beautifully designed and built by local, experienced, award-winning Registered Master Builders, contact Sam and the team at Fleetwood Construction on 0800 381 381.