Cashmere I

Repairs for this beautiful 4 bedroom home involved major renovation work over a 6 month period, utilising Fleetwood Construction’s skill and experience at working on challenging hill sites.


A major challenge of the job was that the entire driveway had to be replaced, and the retaining wall that supported it had to be anchored back into the hill. The team had to work on a very steep slope which created technical difficulties, but they really enjoyed the challenge.

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The home was relevelled and replastered on the exterior. Inside the cracked polished concrete floors throughout the home were repaired to look just like new again.


Clear lines of communication meant an easy and stress-free process for the clients, with the satisfaction of a job well done seen in the client’s delighted response on returning to their fully repaired and renovated home.


Are you thinking about renovating your hillside home? Are you looking for a builder who can expertly handle the challenges and technical difficulties of hill sites?


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