Builders in Christchurch: Fleetwood Construction


We’re your award winning Christchurch builder for construction services in the Canterbury region

The company’s founder, Sam Fleetwood, is a highly competent builder who has worked in the building industry since 1992 and has been operating his own construction business, with great success, since 2003. Sam has a passion for building, with a strong personal interest in architectural homes, villas and old style weatherboard homes.


Looking for highly competent builders in Christchurch? 

Sam’s philosophy is to take time to ensure all work is built well, using quality materials and a great team of skilled and professional tradespeople. Fleetwood Construction are Registered Master Builders in Christchurch as well as Department of Building and Housing Licensed Building Practitioners.


Affiliation to these organisations ensures that the Christchurch builder team working on your home are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right the first time, by builders in Christchurch with a high level of professional skills. Fleetwood Construction are also a member of both Site Safe and HazardCo and promote effective health and safety systems on their work sites.

Fleetwood Construction are able to accommodate full contract, fixed price labour only, or charge-up contracts, all with Masterbuild Guarantees. We are accredited by EQC and available to do any insurance-based, earthquake repairs that you may require or be your new home builders.